Audio Mastering & Acoustics


New customers
Because of high demand there is a semi-customer-stop in place. This means, no new customers will be taken on unless they:

  • are a record label or professional musician
  • will release multiple EPs or an album project
  • will pay upfront
  • have read this page in full, understand and agree to all points


  • All invoices are to be paid in Euros to a Euro bank account. If you do not have an EUR account and only have GBP or USD, you must use a service such as transferwise.
  • PayPal is no longer an accepted means of payment unless you have already paid with it in the past
  • Vinyl cut must be paid for in advance.
  • The electronic transmission of audio files constitutes the legally binding placing of an order

Prices as of 2017

  • Normal stereo mastering: 40€ per track netto
  • Stem mastering: 50€ per track netto
  • DDP: 40€ per disk netto
  • Netto means 19% German tax shall be added to these prices
  • If you have a VAT number the tax will be removed

Files formats

  • All files are to be sent using wetransfer and not using dropbox links
  • All audio files should have a 44.1kHz or higher sampling rate
  • 24bit files are preferred. 32bit and especially 64bit files are unnecessary.

Mix preparation

  • Bounce your tracks without a limiter on the bus and turn the master fader down so that the highest peak in the song does not clip (doesn’t go into the red).
  • If the waveform looks squared off, regardless of it’s size, you likely have a limiter or distortion plugin on the master bus, please remove this.
  • If your waveform looks very small you probably have bounced using an excessive amount of headroom and should re-bounce with the level turned up a bit more. You do not need an excessive amount of headroom, just make sure it does not clip.

Mix critique
Mixes which are not perfect will be given a mix critique and specific instructions to improve the mix. Bad mixes are always initially rejected unless specifically instructed to use the files as-is (for example if the original session can no longer be opened).

Visiting the studio
Attended sessions are only offered to long term customers

Please do not…

  • request for your track to be mastered for free as a “sample”
  • order one single track to be mastered if you are a brand new customer
  • send mixes to multiple engineers with the intention of only paying the “winner”
  • ask for work or an internship at the studio
  • inquire to hire the studio for your own use