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Premium mastering
Includes mix advice, up to 8x stems if desired, revisions until satisfaction and multiple output formats (WAV, DDPi, files for 1:1 cut).


Attended session
The same level of service as premium mastering but with the opportunity to attend the session.


Vinyl mastering
Please inquire concerning projects to be cut to vinyl.


The Mastering Room

The room at AP Mastering was constructed completely from scratch in an empty industrial space from blueprints designed with ultimate acoustic accuracy in mind – a perfect room for mastering.

More specifically, the studio is a room-in-room construction with floating floor. The room employs wood framing with steel meshed thick hand plastered internal walls. Of the visible internal walls, a high quality ecological adobe/earthen clay plaster was used, hand trowled without a darby creating a rough uneven rustic appearance which is beneficial to the sonic ambiance of the room.

The front walls were made using archaic lath and plaster construction utilising individually nailed solid mahogany lathing and clay plaster. This further improves the low frequency accuracy of the room by randomly scattering the wall density behind the speakers.

The ceiling is a non-parallel sloping expansion design all the way from front to rear. The room is fully insulated even below the floor and features silent ventilation, designer lighting and 5 windows for a pleasant natural daylight studio environment.


Equipment highlights

Lipinski Sound passive monitors powered by Hypex monoblocks with dual active subwoofers. Crookwood C3 Monitor Controller and Lavry Black conversion over AES to an RME HDSPe card. Custom built Sontec MEP 250 mastering EQ and custom built EMI TG-1 mastering compressor. All cabling by MOGAMI and directly hard soldered to 80 format Mosses and Mitchell TT patchbay. Mac Pro Quadcore runs OS X with REAPER and Windows 7 under Bootcamp with WaveLab 6. The set up is built in a bespoke standing height studio console. The mains power to the studio is low pass filtered and the monitoring chain equipment is connected with high end shielded power cables.