Audio Mastering & Acoustics


Because of high demand there is a semi-customer-stop in place. This means new customers will only be taken on after they have read this page in full, fit the criteria and understand and agree to all points.



  1. Criteria
  2. Turnaround time
  3. Ordering process and communication
  4. Price list
  5. Payment
  6. Files formats
  7. Mix preparation
  8. Mix critique
  9. Visiting the studio
  10. Please do not…



No new customers will be taken on unless they:

  • are a record label or professional musician
  • will release multiple EPs per year or an album project
  • any single track requests from a brand new customer will be refused


Turnaround time

  • The turnaround time for any project is currently “within one week” excluding mix critique consideration and revisions
  • If you require a project to be mastered very quickly because of some kind of genuine urgency, every effort will be made to accommodate this


Ordering process and communication

In the interest of efficiency and maintaining full focus exclusively on an elite level of mastering, all unnecessary communication will be abstain from. Although brand new customers must first initially inquire, and there will be more communication necessary at the start, existing customers are free to upload files via wetransfer without additional communication. Sending an EP via wetransfer constitutes your order for the tracks to be mastered. You will then receive a download confirmation from wetransfer when the tracks are downloaded. The tracks will subsequently be assessed and mix suggestions will be given if necessary. Otherwise you will receive no additional emails and the masters will simply be sent back as soon as they are ready; the job will be added to your account and you will be invoiced at some point within the next 2 months, collating multiple jobs onto one invoice for this time period.

  • If the tracks are not downloaded within 48 hours, you should confirm the email address was entered correctly and/or follow up with an email
  • If you would prefer to be invoiced in a more timely manner, you may of course request the invoice and it will be sent within 3 working days


Price list

  • Normal stereo mastering: 40€ per track
    • No additional fee when the stereo mix has been rejected and specific stems are asked for
  • Stem mastering of up to 6 stems of your choice: 50€ per track
    • Cost per additional stem: 5€
    • Any request for a compositional, arrangement or creative type addition of any FX, editing or musical component outside of the scope of the mastering process will be refused. No mixdown service is offered.
  • DDP: 40€ per disk
  • Vinyl Cut: 77€ per side of vinyl plus 20€ per track
    • Vinyl prices subject to change without warning
    • Shipping of a lacquer inside of Germany: 14€
    • Shipping of a lacquer outside of Germany: 33€
  • All prices netto.
    • Netto means 19% German tax shall be added to these prices
    • If you have a non-German EU VAT number the tax will be zero rated



  • All invoices are to be paid in Euros to a Euro bank account. If you do not have an EUR account and only have GBP or USD, you must use a service such as transferwise.
  • PayPal is no longer an accepted means of payment unless you have already paid with it in the past
  • Vinyl cut must be paid for in advance.
  • The electronic transmission of audio files constitutes the legally binding placing of an order


Files formats

  • All files are to be sent using wetransfer and not using dropbox links
  • All audio files should have a 44.1kHz or higher sampling rate
  • 24bit files are preferred. 32bit and especially 64bit files are unnecessary however they will be accepted


Mix preparation

  • Bounce your tracks without a limiter on the master bus and turn the master fader down so that the highest peak in the song does not clip
  • If the waveform looks squared off, regardless of it’s size, you likely have a limiter or distortion plugin on the master bus, please remove this.
  • If your waveform looks very small you probably have bounced using an excessive amount of headroom and should re-bounce with the level turned up a bit more. You do not need a huge amount of headroom, just make sure it does not clip.


Mix critique

Mixes which are not perfect will be given a mix critique and specific instructions to improve the mix. Bad mixes are always initially rejected unless specifically instructed to use the files as-is (for example if the original session can no longer be opened).


Visiting the studio

Attended sessions are only offered to long term customers


Please do not…

  • request for your track to be mastered for free as a “sample”
  • order one single track to be mastered if you are a brand new customer
  • send mixes to multiple engineers with the intention of only paying the “winner”
  • ask for work or an internship at the studio
  • inquire to hire the mastering studio for your own use
  • ask for an artistic critique of your music. Steve Albini explains why. However, what Albini then goes on to say about tonality at 1:16:14 is inaccurate. That aside, as well as his luddite views on digital technology, this lecture is worth a watch.