Audio Mastering & Acoustics

Invite only

In the interest of studio capacity and time optimisation, new customers will be taken on only when they have been introduced by an existing client. Therefore as of 2016, any inquiry not sent by an existing customer will be ignored.

Existing customers who do not constitute a record label are still warmly welcomed for all of their projects but only businesses (IE record labels) will be taken on as new clients going forwards.

If you are an existing label client who has started a new label or are involved in another label, your new/other label is automatically welcomed.

All invoices are to be paid in Euros to a Euro bank account. This means if you do not have an EUR account and only have GBP or USD, you must use a service such as transferwise. PayPal is no longer an accepted means of payment unless you have already paid with it in the past.

All files are to be sent using wetransfer and not using dropbox links. For whatever reason downloading from dropbox is slow and temperamental in Germany.

Any requests for free sample mastering or single track mastering from prospective customers will be ignored. The electronic transmission of audio files via wetransfer, dropbox links or any other means constitutes a legally binding order for mastering work and any mastering work performed shall be paid for in full at the rate of 45€ per Track (excluding the compulsory 19% VAT) unless otherwise stipulated, regardless of any other circumstances. Any “mastering competitions” (where multiple engineers are sent the same tracks to work on) will be refused and if such a situation does arise, the track(s) shall be paid for and the relationship with that client will cease.

Attended sessions are only offered to those who have already had an attended session previously.

Single tracks, IE an order placed for one single track to be mastered, is no longer offered to anyone except those who have been a client since before 2016.

All CVs, job, work experience and internship email requests will be ignored.

All requests to hire or use the studio will be ignored.