Audio Mastering & Acoustics


  1. New customers
  2. Turnaround time
  3. Ordering process
  4. Price list
  5. Bulk Discounts
  6. Payment
  7. Files formats
  8. Mix preparation
  9. Mix critique
  10. Attended sessions

New customers

  • The minimum order for new customers is 3 tracks for the first order
  • The first order must be paid in advance
  • After payment of the first invoice, an account will be created with a credit limit of 4 tracks with invoicing occurring after completion of the mastering
  • Regular customers will be invoiced in batches with a larger account credit limit

Turnaround time

  • The turnaround time for any project is currently “around one week” excluding mix critique considerations and revisions
  • If you require a project to be mastered very quickly because of some kind of genuine urgency, every effort will be made to accommodate this

Ordering process

New customers should first introduce themselves via email. Regular clients are free to enjoy the streamlined order process which consists of simply sending mixes via wetransfer without additional communication. The masters will be sent back to you when ready, or mix feedback given, and the order will be added to your account to be invoiced later. When using this approach, a follow up email should be sent if no download confirmation email from wetransfer is received within 48 hours of upload.

Price list

  • Normal stereo mastering: 40€ per track
    • No additional fee when specific stems have been asked for
  • Stem mastering of up to 8 stems of your choice: 60€ per track
    • Cost per additional stem: 5€
  • When invoicing for 10 tracks or more a 5% discount will be granted
  • When invoicing for 20 tracks or more a 10% discount will be granted
  • DDP: 40€ per disk
  • Vinyl Cut: 67€ per side of vinyl plus 22€ per track
    • Vinyl prices subject to change without warning
    • Shipping of a lacquer inside of Germany: 14€
    • Shipping of a lacquer outside of Germany: 33€

Bulk discounts

To reflect the increased efficiency of working on larger projects, a significant bulk discount is applied based upon the number of tracks present on a given invoice. To ensure the maximum discount, multiple EPs or albums should be sent at the same time. If the amount of tracks exceeds your account limit, you may pay in advance. The bulk discount is progressive, starting from the 6th track and increases to a maximum of 25% with 30 or more tracks.


  • All invoices are to be paid in Euros to a Euro bank account. If you do not have an EUR account and only have GBP or USD, you must use a service such as transferwise.
  • PayPal is accepted providing you pay the fees, either by opting to pay the fees when making the transfer thereby increasing the total amount or by paying with the friends and family option which does not incur fees
  • Unless you specifically state otherwise, the electronic transmission of audio files constitutes the legally binding placing of an order (see ordering process above)

Files formats

  • All files are to be sent using wetransfer and not using dropbox links
  • All audio files should have a 44.1kHz or higher sampling rate
  • 24bit files are preferred. 32bit and especially 64bit files are unnecessary however they will be accepted

Mix preparation

  • Bounce your tracks without a limiter on the master bus and turn the master fader down so that the highest peak in the song does not clip
  • If the waveform looks squared off, regardless of it’s size, you likely have a limiter or distortion plugin on the master bus, please remove this.
  • If your waveform looks very small you probably have bounced using an excessive amount of headroom and should re-bounce with the level turned up a bit more. You do not need a huge amount of headroom, just make sure it does not clip.

Mix critique

Mixes which are not perfect will be given a mix critique and specific instructions to improve the mix. Bad mixes are always initially rejected unless specifically instructed to use the files as-is (for example if the original session can no longer be opened).

Please be cooperative of any mix suggestions or stem requests as it is likely a far superior result will be possible with such changes.

A good mastering engineer is agnostic to the artistic value of the music. No compositional or aesthetic advice or feedback related to musical taste will ever be given which does not purely concern itself with the technical sound quality of the mastering process. Questions such as do you think my tunes are decent? or do you reckon the A1 is the best track on the EP or should I switch the B1 with the A1? are examples of questions which a mastering engineer does not have an opinion on. By contrast, questions such as do you think the kick drum sits in the mix or would you prefer a stem? or I want the synth hook to be massive but it’s just overwhelming the mix and sounding too loud and abrasive, can we work with stems to get a better sound? are both totally legitimate queries and can form an integral part of the mastering process.

Attended sessions

Attended sessions with prospective customers has all too often proven itself to be uneconomical. For this reason, since around 2015, all attended sessions were abolished completely which was integral in keeping both the turnaround time and prices low. However, long time regular customers are very welcome to attended sessions for critical projects within reason at no additional cost.

The studio is not available for hire to external engineers. There is no capacity for internships or work experience.